Saturday, June 8, 2024: Competition starts at 12:00 pm sharp

For Registration: Click here


Promoter:   Nate and Nikki Bell (contact information below)

Location:  Lakeside Park, Lighthouse (by the light house)

Early Weigh-In: Friday, June 7th from 3:00 pm-7:00 pm

At Workhorse Gym – 1200 W Fond du Lac St. Ste 1, Ripon WI 54971

Day of Weigh-In: At competition location – 9:00 am-10:30 am.

Rules Meeting: June 8th: 11:30 am



  • Men – Middleweight -220lbs and under // Heavyweight – 221lbs and above
  • Women – Open. No weight class



Record Breaker Max Mammoth Bar Deadlift

  • First event will be a max deadlift . Both men and women will be using a 10ft mammoth bar.  You will have unlimited attempts at each weight within the 60sec time limit.  You may skips as many time as you wish but the bar weight will never do back down in weight. There will he a up and down command.  You must wait for the down command for the rep to count.
  • Women 20/30LBS jumps
  • Men 50/40LBS jumps.
  • Can lift shoeless

Semi Pull

  • 60 sec time limit
  • This will be a harness pull with rope.  You will have 60sec to pull until any part of your body crosses the 60ft mark.

Max Tire Flip

  • 90 sec time limit.
  • There will be a serious of 5 to 6 tires all going up in weight.  You will have 90 seconds to flip the tires in order, starting with lightest to heaviest.  You must successfully flip the tire before moving onto the next weight.

Axel Press for Reps

  • 60sec time limit
  • Clean and Press each rep.  Competitors will have a start command then a down command for each rep.  You must wait for the down command for the rep to count.  You may use belt to assist with the clean.

Steeple Rase

  • 90 sec time limit
  • 50ft total distance – Yoke will be set up at the 25ft mark.  Competitor will start at the Yoke. Once the start command is given the competitor will race 25ft to load two sand bags over the yoke.  Once both sandbags are over the yoke the competitor will then retrieve the sandbags and load then onto a platform located on the opposite end. The time will stop once the last sandbag is loaded and competitor takes hands off the bag.
  • Yoke height – 45″ // Platform Height – 52″

Tie Breaker Event: Hercules Hold for time 

Gear allowed: Belts, Wrist Wraps, Tacky Shirts, Knee and Elbow shelves.

No Suits/Briefs  or Tacky allowed


Participant Information:


There are 2 entrances into the park: Main Street and Park Avenue. Please enter at the Park Ave entrance. The competition site is located off of Park Avenue, over the bridge just pass the curve.  Look for the light house.  Free Parking is available outside the festival if you can find it. Otherwise paid parking is also available through the festival at .  Located on the left and right hand side once you turn onto Park Ave.



  • 1st place each division: $200 cash prize
  • 2nd place each division: $100 cash prize
  • Record breaker overall winners in each division – $200.00 cash prize.  Divisions much have 3 or more.  Men Divisions will be combined if one of the divisions has less than 3 competitors.


For questions, please contact Nikki Bell at:

(920)602-6031 or
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